Scimitar & Scythe


Scimitar & Scythe was born in the beginning of the year 2014 as an collaborative EDM project by 2 Dutch cousins: Niels and Hugo Arts




In the early days


Back in the 90's, at the age of 16, they made a couple of tracks together in Hardcore style. 


In the following years both of them went solo, working on different music projects. 


Niels became creative in several styles of music, from Frenchcore to Techhouse. As a Frenchcore producer he is known as "4RIOT". He has always remained active as a DJ and live performer. 


Hugo (nicknamed Acie) started working together with a friend on a Trance project called "LAB-2". A couple of tracks were made for special dance events like Offload. Acie has also remained active as a DJ throughout the 90’s.






After exploring new musical horizons apart from each other, Niels and Hugo decided to start another collaboration. Thus, 2014 began with a couple of new tracks from their new project named "Scimitar & Scythe". Check out all the releases here. And there is some great stuff coming up, so stay tuned!